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Living Life as Ceremony             

Living Ceremony
(TM)  is an organization dedicated to finding the divine within and living from the inside out.  Many people today feel disconnected from Nature, and their own natural rhythms.  Many have gotten lost in the swirl of confusion, and fear instilled by mass media and values of the society.  Rarely does the individual get the time or encouragement to find their own authenticity and explore truly what has meaning for them. 

Living Ceremony (TM) encourages the individual to find personal power and understanding while, supporting each to embrace their true authentic self.  Living Ceremony does this in a number of ways.  These include: 

1.  Rites of Passage Ceremonies, as well as honoring and creating significant milestones in the life of an    individual or group to enhance moving to the next phase of development or experience - These include coming of age ceremonies, weddings, graduations, croning, funerals, leaving behind the past, divorce, passing to another phase in life, etc.
2.  Honoring and Forming Relationship to ones body and natural cycles; 
3.  The Art of Celebration and workshops on creating ceremony; 
4.  Honoring the internal needs of oneself, and exploring these needs;  Moontime, Introspection, Retreat
5.  Living Life through Relationship with Each other and the Natural Kingdom;  the elements, etc.
6.  Forming Relationship with the Mythos of the Heavens - Archeo-Astronomy and the Stars;
7.  Understanding personality Archetypes and how to utilize this understanding when walking through the world.
7.  Listening to the Still Small Voice within - intuition, automatic writing, and improvisation.
8.  Journeying into yourself and finding your connection to the fabric of life.
9.  Feeling the dance of all within.
10.  Finding your true voice and heart; toning, singing, communal sound circles, drumming, art.
11. Reconnecting with the joy of life; the art of play.
12.  The dance of the Divine Masculine and Feminine;  workshops and lectures.
13.  Connecting in Community - Drum Circle, Ecstatic Dance, Pot Latch (Giveaway), Dedication
14.  Purification and Clarity - Lineage Shamanic Blessing and Purifying Herbs, Spiritual Protocol
15.  Holding your Center - Meditation, Introspection, Supplication, Awareness
16.  Exploring the Waking Dream Scape - Shamanic Journeying and Dream Work.
17.  Understanding the Shamanic Journey and the World of Spirit
18.  Storytelling and the Sacred Language of the Soul
19. Our Connection to Our Life Force - Breathing Exercises, Empowerment, Chi Kung.
20.  Indigenous and Ancestral Understanding.  Surpassing the Conceptual World.

The Living Ceremony org. (TM) honors the process of personal experience as a direct way to gain self knowledge and understanding.
Workshop offerings below                                                           
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Some of the workshops we offer:

Shamanic Drumming - A Scientific basis for healing and balance
Drum Making
Shamanic Journeying
the Dream Catcher and it's hidden meanings
A Shaman's Guide to Blessing and Purification Herbs
The Relationship of the Divine Masculine and Feminine
Rites of Passage
Path of Power, Connecting to Life Force
Archeo Astronomy
The Telling of the Creation Myth
Vision Quests
Walking through Life in a Sacred Way
Participatory Sound Circles
Sound Meditations     (See how meditation improves the immune system.)
Medicine Wheel
Protocol of Indigenous Ways - How to Honor Others
Spirit Animals and Sacred Teachers
Reading Signs, being Aware
Ceremonial Face Painting and Mask Making - Dancing the Mythos
Collaborative workshops with special guests.
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